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Immune Boost Infusion

Immune Boost Infusion High Dose Glutathione &  Vitamin C 

  • 15 د
  • 220 US dollars
  • I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic

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What's Inside: Electrolytes & High Dose Antioxidants Vitamins I.V 500ML Electrolytes + Glutathione + Vitamin C + Zinc Cosmetic Rejuvenation and Overall Wellness Infusion Glutathione Package: Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins. Reduced L-glutathione, commonly called glutathione or GSH, is the most powerful naturally occurring antioxidant in all human cells. Beauty is more than skin deep. Our Glutathione I.V Infusion rejuvenates your skin with the master antioxidant Glutathione to help you glow and stop time in its tracks.  Recommended Times to drip: Hectic 24/7 lifestyle, such as stress, depression, headaches, a weakened immune system, allergies, muscle aches, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and poor food and nutrition choices. Prevents And Reverses The Effects Of Free Radicals Rejuvenates Skin Cleanses Vital Organs Restores Hydration Replenishes Essential Minerals & Vitamins  Boosts Your Immune System  Decreases Inflammation  Relieves Pain And Nausea  Delivers An Energy Boost  Detoxifies The Body  Cleanses Vital Organs  Improves immune health and mental clarity Great for Common Cold and Flu 

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Clinic Reservations: After treatments have been rendered all treatments are non-refundable and all sales are final. Any changes please call or email. Clinic: 702-966-2440,

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  • I.V Vitamin Therapy Clinic, Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV, USA

    + 702-966-2440

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